100 Years Ago

CZAR Red is the result of over 100 years of evolution.   In the small village of Serednie Wielke, at the eastern border of Poland, our family would infuse their home grown vodka with small amounts of natural sweeteners and syrups.

Their village was poor and the vodka wasn’t 6x or even 2x distilled-this would often leave impurities after the distillation process.  The natural syrup cut the vodkas less than smooth finish, but kept the proof. That was the passion our family built upon and CZAR Red is the result.   Today, we have perfected the taste here in the US.  Our vodka is crafted in small batches and slow-filtered 10X before being infused with natural reduction and producing the smoothest flavored vodka on the market.

We were pioneers well before flavored vodka went mainstream.  Our reason’s weren’t brand or marketing driven.  We did it because we’re proud of our homeland traditions and were revolutionary in making it a more enjoyable experience.

CZAR Red isn’t a flavored vodka, it’s a tradition.