About CZAR

Czar Red vodka is a new and unique product that stems from a traditional family recipe. Now that the recipe has been unleashed for a consumer market, we plan to challenge any flavored spirit.

The product focuses on being smooth and sweet with just the right amount of kick to make Czar Red one of your most enjoyable drinking experiences.

Our mission is to make every Czar Red drinking experience a fun and entertaining endeavor, as any time the red liquid flows from our traditional bottle, a small dosage of our family history and love for life accompanies it. We are confident that one tasting experience of Czar Red vodka will cement a lasting image of loyalty from consumers when deciding between which flavored vodka’s they want to purchase.

By infusing our natural reduction, we create unique value and legendary experiences for our customers.  We work with energy, passion, and respect.

Sto Lat!