Washington DC: Welcome CZAR Red To The Hood!

CZAR Red had been a family recipe for 100 years.  It was a tradition to drink CZAR with every meal- like the Italians drink wine, the Polish drink Vodka.  In 2011,  the Car family decided to give the world a chance to enjoy what there family has for many years.  I always wondered why the Car’s were always happy and laughing- I also thought they had bad balance.   Recently, we were picked up by a large distributor in DC and will now be in the local liquor stores and bars before we know it.  Excitement is not the word to describe our happiness right now.  However, we still have our work cut out for us as we try to grow as a company and live out a dream.  Please stay tuned as we will update this blog with our success and some times failures.   As long as we learn from them, it will always be a success!